The MOBA scene has quietly exploded since it’s modern revival. The Forefathers credited with being the OG’s of the genre are DOTA on Warcraft 3 and Aeon of Strife on Starcraft. And now here we are with the big 3 – League of Legends, DOTA2, and (yes haters) Heroes of the Storm.

So with these fantastic (and free) MOBAs on PC, why would we even need mobile MOBAs? This was a question I struggled with for a while as I took time away from Heroes of the Storm to play a low graphic clone on my phone. But as I continued on, it started to make more sense. So here are my 3 Reasons You Should Play Mobile MOBAs.

3. Time

One of the big advantages to playing on mobile is that the games don’t take as long. If you’re playing one of the big 3, the matches can range anywhere from 13 minutes to even an hour depending on the level of skill and balance across teams. This makes it hard to just hop in if you have other things to do. You could be thinking “just a quick game” and suddenly you’re invested in a 45-minute match and you missed dinner.

The mobile scene takes its platform into consideration and uses it to its advantage. Some game modes offer 5-minute max alternatives or even quicken play by making towers and players easier to destroy.

2. Less Competitive Scene

If there’s one thing you’ll find while playing a PC MOBA, it’s that a majority of the people you meet will be out of your league. Even if you’re well skilled – there’s a hefty majority of people out there who just play the game all day every day. And it’s not that you won’t be as good as them someday; they just have way-way more hours of experience and know a lot about the game. This isn’t something you’ll find on the mobile scene.

Mobile MOBAs are trying extremely hard to break into the competitive/streaming success that the PC MOBAs have found and it’s kinda working. But the true competitors (not the ones you see in the commercials) are going to be on PC. This makes getting into mobile MOBA’s much easier. If you’re moderately good on PC; you can probably consider yourself in the advanced category on mobile and will run most games.

1. My Best Friend Has A Crappy Computer

This is probably the most convincing point for playing a mobile MOBA. I want to play with my friends but not all of them have PCs or internet connections that can support good play. This brings us to the mobile platform where just about all games run equal and don’t have such high demands (except Vainglory; you’re gonna need a new gen phone for that boy).

So for that friend who swears he’s saving up and the one who’s been “building the ultimate rig” for 4 years now; you have a nice intermediary to hold you over until they’ve finally made the jump to PC.

Well, I hope this helped you in your decision to potential start playing on mobile. If you want to read more articles like this, help fuel the next one!

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