5 Games to Play When You’re Burnt Out 2018

You guys loved it – raved about it. I could hear the chants across the web. Well, metaphorically. All this to say, my last burn out article was such a hit it’s time to milk it to death. I’ve got a whole new list for 2018 of the best games to cure your gaming burn […]

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Is Stardew Valley Better Than Minecraft?

With my recent purchase of a Nintendo Switch, I was hit with the same dilemma most Switch owners were also hit with. I have like nothing to play. After I was tired of Just Dance 18’ing my heart away, I went to the eShop and looked around for the millionth time where I finally purchased […]

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Top 3 Remasters for the Nintendo Switch 2018

Now that Nintendo has finally created a home for itself in the console world, it’s time to settle in and start making some games. The current library for the Switch is basically barren but what is available is quite good ((Zelda, Pokkén Tournament DX, Super Mario Odyssey [I just named half of the games available […]

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