3 Reasons Why You Should Play Mobile MOBAs

The MOBA scene has quietly exploded since it’s modern revival. The Forefathers credited with being the OG’s of the genre are DOTA on Warcraft 3 and Aeon of Strife on Starcraft. And now here we are with the big 3 – League of Legends, DOTA2, and (yes haters) Heroes of the Storm. So with these […]

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What To Watch On Netflix- Movie Edition (January 2018)

Writing my first published article gives me tons of anxiety. Enough to make me want to crawl into my bed and turn on Netflix and have the cool baritone voice of Michael Scott soothe me back into comfort. Which is when the thought popped into my head…people have the ability to watch these movies and […]

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How to Get Better at Dragon Ball FighterZ

With the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ this week, new and old fans of the DBZ franchise will be flocking to stores to secure themselves a copy. As usual with high profile fighting game releases – there is a reasonable mix of players ranging from those unfamiliar with DBZ and the fighting genre all the […]

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Tips to Balance Video Games and Your Career

Chances are you’re not a game tester, designer, developer or any other “er” on the Blizzard careers page. I’m also assuming you’ve moved up from the McDonald’s grind and work a 40 hour a week salary job at a top-notch agency or corporation. That’s fantastic! But what about that McDonald’s freedom? You just can’t take […]

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The Best Horror Games of All Time and Why They’re Amazing

As an easily scared, thrill-seeking, avid video game-lover, it was only natural that I eventually make my way to the horror genre. I began this, ever so tentatively, with Outlast. From there I worked my way back in time to older horror games while picking up any new terrifying titles. It pains me to see […]

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We Need More Haunted Mansion Games

Aesthetic and immersion are everything in a horror game. Can you imagine walking through a version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent with soft, rainbow-colored hallways following the sounds of ice cream trucks and popcorn? No, give me a blood-drenched, zombified vampire-demon chasing me down in a hellish alternate reality, take my money, and leave me […]

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