Chances are you’re not a game tester, designer, developer or any other “er” on the Blizzard careers page. I’m also assuming you’ve moved up from the McDonald’s grind and work a 40 hour a week salary job at a top-notch agency or corporation. That’s fantastic! But what about that McDonald’s freedom? You just can’t take the day off for that new release like you used to. Or you’ve got that career-altering presentation coming up that you have to spend all your nights preparing for.

Most importantly, and sadly, you just don’t have the same time to sink into games you used to. But there’s a way to keep your game passion alive while still succeeding in your career.

3. Get a Portable Console

Probably your first step in creating a balance of work and play is to invest in a portable/handheld console. Handhelds offer a few advantages that dedicated home consoles don’t. These include things like…portability. You can take them anywhere and they’re easy to pick up when you have a few minutes.

Outside of ease of access, handheld games normally are shorter and offer frequent save points. This makes hopping in and out a breeze and you aren’t tied down too long. If you’re looking for a console that is really easy to pick up with tons of short but excellent games, I’d highly suggest the Nintendo 3ds. I would even recommend the Nintendo Switch but it’s not as good in these 2 areas.

Another great thing about handhelds is you can have other things going on at the same time. You can turn on a Ted Talk in the background or breeze through an audiobook.

2. Find Your “Zone-Out” Games

The best way to be able to absorb that e-book info flowing into your ears is to make sure you’re not too distracted by the game you’re playing. It’s kind of hard to retain all that information while in high-stress situations keeping your K/D or W/L in check. Only you can find out what games you can play that don’t require a whole lot of brain power. For me, they include MMO’s such as World of Warcraft and in the not so distant past, The Elder Scrolls Online. You can do repetitive tasks such as gathering, dailies…the boring stuff. Casual games are another great zone-out option. If you picked up that Nintendo 3DS already, Animal Crossing is a great option. Otherwise, something like The Sims, Stardew Valley or Racing games.

1. Schedule Your Game Time

I know this option probably isn’t as cool as the other ones so far but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially if you hated my first options. If you just can’t live without your high-focus games, it’s best to play them in moderation. This has one major up-shot though. If you get yourself on a really good schedule, you stick to it and you have a personality that’s not total garbage; you can start streaming on Twitch. The streamers who are most successful are the ones that are reliable and consistent. Streaming will also give you something to look forward to. It may even help you stave off the itch.

I hope this helped you out! If it did, toss a coffee my way and fuel more great ideas and tips. Oh, and nail that presentation. You deserve it. Grab a 3DS that matches our website too!


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