Now that Nintendo has finally created a home for itself in the console world, it’s time to settle in and start making some games. The current library for the Switch is basically barren but what is available is quite good ((Zelda, Pokkén Tournament DX, Super Mario Odyssey [I just named half of the games available right there]). So now it’s time to beef up the library with some much-needed HD remasters and remakes. Here are my top 3 remasters I hope make it to the Nintendo Switch in no particular order!

1. Metroid Prime Collection

If any game series ever deserved a collection that doesn’t have one yet, it’s the Metroid Prime series. We’re talking:
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

It has been confirmed that Metroid Prime 4 will be released December 2018. But what better build up is there than a rerelease of the prequels? Metroid is also a fantastic game to revisit in 2018; especially with the success of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Metroid shares many of the open world exploration and puzzle solving elements. Nintendo would be crazy not to bring this series back now.

2. Gauntlet Legends

I hope this image fills you with nostalgia. Because that game was so low quality on graphics I couldn’t even find something to put here. But seriously, this was the dungeon crawler of our childhood. How amazing would it be to link up at a friends house and axe your way through goblin hordes? Gauntlet is the perfect candidate to flex the mobility muscles of the Switch and promote group play. And as much as I love this game, I can barely even play it on my Nintendo 64 and TV. TV’s have out-evolved the 64 and most games are so blurry you can barely make your way through. I could name a ton of 64 games to remaster for the Switch for the playability reason alone, but Gauntlet deserves to be at the helm.

3. Super Mario Sunshine

This was a tough one. Super Mario Sunshine already looked so good on the Gamecube. But it’s time. The HD remaster is so far overdue. This was arguably (with Metroid) the greatest game on the Gamecube system. It also one of the best looking Mario games ever made. As an HD remake, you will literally have people flocking back to the console to play this gem again. And with the release of Super Mario Odyssey, it’s likely we won’t see another Mario adventure for some time. And that game was…kinda short in the grand scheme.

I hope you agreed with my list. There are more classics that need remastering for sure, but for me, these were the most deserving. Let us know what Nintendo games you want to be remastered and why they deserve it. Get 20% off Metroid Prime 4 Pre-Order on Amazon

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